Pushing the limits

Weaving is one of oldest human industries -if not the oldest- and many kinds of looms or weaving devices have been accompanying humankind since the beginning of times. From the backstrap loom to dobby looms, the history of weaving has been an uninterrupted succession of technological inventions until the arrival of the first Jacquard hand looms in 18th century France.  The rest is  history. Today we are living the Jacquard digital loom era. Contemporary textile artists use this tool which allows for an -almost- unlimited freedom to weavers.

It is the aim of the curators of this exhibition to highlight the unlimited possibilities of this limited “machine” to create textile pieces that are works of art in their own right. They are looking for unique pieces handwoven on a multi-shaft loom. The selected pieces will be shown in an online 3D exhibition engineered by textile artist Olivier Masson.

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