Artistic approach

Shaft weaving is to tapestry what poetry is to prose ; the technical constraints are strong, and their overcoming generates a structured graphic language.

The weave structures are a source of graphic  inspiration for me. The work on threads crossing, which generates an additive color mixture, allows the emergence of original images and a particular treatment of colors and light.

The creation of a fabric supposes in advance the choice of the warp colors and the loom setting, which will determine the possible graphics. There is therefore a prior programming and thereby weaving is similar to algorithmic arts.

When weaving, greater freedom is possible with the choice of colors and materials for the weft.
Thus weaving is much closer to music than to painting ; these are variations on a theme.

By creating fabrics, I have the feeling at the same time to share new images, resulting from the technical constraints particular to the shaft weaving, and also to be registered in a process of creation practiced by the men of all the cultures since millennia.