Corrie van Eijk

Corrie van Eijk started weaving in 1967. Her woven images are triggered by emotions and memories, inspiration sources are very widespread, ranging from humanitarian themes, philosophic visions of the world, moral tales, a sense of regional belonging, mythology and own life experience. Seeing all, it could be a biography of her life.
Her expression is abstract symbolism, working within the constraining framework of hand processed 6 and 8 shafts damask as a technique since 1983, learned in Sweden from Folke Samuelsson, but taking full advantage of the freedom this medium offers. Each piece of work is composed around a central theme, and is composed of a number of formal motifs that vary from a piece to the next, being specific each time to the work’s content. Since 2015 a TC2 is her tool for workshops, to study new weave challenges and brain training.

Fb Corrie van Eijk Docter

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Magic Weave
hand processed damask, 100% lin
8 shafts combination 33/650 pattern loom