Natalia Tsvetkova

Textile artist, PhD, associate professor of Saint Petersburg State Academy of Applied Arts & Design of a name of A.L. Shtiglitz, Textile Design Department.
Awarded of St. Petersburg government in the field of Culture and Arts, nomination «Design». (Russia)
Member of Russian Artists Union, Saint Petersburg Union of Designers, European Textile Network (ETN), Professional Creative Union «Association “Free Culture”».
Participant of more than 150 Russian & international group & personal exhibitions.
Works there are in galleries, public interiors & private collections of Russia, USA, Finland, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Japan.
Textile designs are used in factory production.
Author of book «The Hand Weaving Art» (2014) and articles about contemporary textile. »

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Sea Shell

Ancient shell, the inhabitant of ocean depths.
Curls of a shell and bewitch today the person, it’s «voice» tells about secrets of the ocean «space».

The work was made by the hand loom with 6 shafts & 5 treadles. It is weft-pile weaving.