Christiane Maurer

My work focuses on the perception of colors. Although every color can be exactly defined by fixed values, the way it is perceived is dependant on its surroundings.
I explore the possibilities that consequently arise. Colors emerge gradually, meet others and react to them. The resulting alterations may be subtle or dramatic; often, compositions undergoing color changes seem to stay unchanged for a long time, and suddenly, a small step in another direction of hue, saturation or brightness makes the whole image tilt.
In weaving, possibilities to mix colors and to let them change gradually, are extremely limited compared to painting or photography. This offers an opportunity to study the effects of color closely. The discrete colors of yarns force to choose every step: thread by thread has to be decided, which color it shoud have and how its neighbours in warp and weft should be like. Consequently, every image point is the result of a conscious choice.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Untitled
Double Weave, mercerised cotton.
Louët Megado 16-shaft loom with electronic dobby.