Paulien van Asperen

Weaving gives me the opportunity to transform ideas, visual elements from the world around me and inspiration from art into actual woven fabric. Weaving, in my opinion, includes designing, converting the designs to technical weaving patterns and choosing the materials, textures and colors to achieve the effect that I want.
What really fascinates me are repetitive abstract elements that create movement and depth or even be optically misleading to the eye. To arrange these elements in colour and texture and shifting but repetitive patterns I find very exciting.
To me, elements of the ordinary world which are repetitive, as in building blocks, read as woven fabric. They inspire my designs.
The design process is perhaps the most fun of the entire weaving process. And of course the delight when the idea seems to work after 10 centimeters of weaving. That is amazing!

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Riley on the move
Handwoven double weave in Summer & Winter technique combined with plain weave. Woven in wool and linen on a 30 shafts loom.
Louet Megado with an electronic dobby and 32 shafts