Susie Taylor

My work explores geometric abstraction through the medium of weaving which requires a creative and technical mindset to solve visual and structural puzzles. Unlike painting, where pigments are applied to the surface of a canvas, weaving brings visual (and dimensional) elements to life imbedded in the very structure of the cloth.

Using an intuitive sense of geometry, I compose using basis shapes such as blocks and lines that are held together by and generate from a physical grid. Images surface when colored yarns cross over and under each other, resulting in discernible tones that mix in the eye. Working this way presents unique limitations but also allows for unique possibilities to explore translucency, opacity, saturation, dimension, and texture.

Through a formalistic lens, my work addresses pattern, symmetry, color interaction and the notion that ordered systems can still flirt with chaos and improvisation.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Multicolor Plaid
4 block loom controlled Doubleweave, hand-dyed linen
Jack type treadle floor loom, 16 shafts