Katharina Kronig

With my weavings I try to convey a sense of movement. Strict geometry is transformed into fluidity. Increasing/decreasing elements of the design create the impression of perspective. This work could suggest ripples of waves or fast moving clouds; they are abstract designs but suggest a reality.
I strive to design artwork that could only be realised in weaving. The choice of yarns is an intrinsic part of the design. While painting has two elements, canvas and paint, those two layers become one in woven art.  This is a thought that intrigues me while I weave the slowly growing picture.
Like this piece, most of my woven art has some element of 3D illusion; OP-art has been an inspiration for a long time. Currently I am designing weavings for a book by Stacey Harvey-Brown, who has kindly invited me to take part in her project on Woven Optical Illusions.


'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Dynamic
Network drafted twill, 60/2s silk, 3 colours
16 shaft Leclerc Weavebird, computer assisted