Carmen Romeo

Carmen Romeo is an expert teacher of the artistic subjects, she has been researching traditional Friulian textiles since 1976 and also in Italian textile history. She has held conferences and courses, published several essays in Italy and abroad and curated and coordinated projects, art exhibitions, both at national and international level.
In 2012, at the University of the LiberEtà of the F.V. G. (International Centre for Adult Education, Udine, Italy) she organized TIESSI courses. Tradition and Creativity - Textile and Textile Design Lab, in which she teaches.
In 2013, at IL CAVALÎR Ecomuseo della gente di collina (Fagagna, Udine, ITALY), she founded ARTE DELLA TESSITURA Project and weaving courses aimed at the rediscovery of the traditional textile art of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Gioco di Dama-Game of Checkers
I weaved by an 8 shafts manual loom using a double plain weave technique. Warp and weft are in black and white cotton, 24 ends and 24 peaks for centimeter.
Eight shafts manual loom