Sophia Borowska

Sophia Borowska is a Montréal-based artist working in textiles, photography, and installation. Technically trained as a weaver, her work deconstructs hierarchies between art and craft through subversive acts of hybridizing textiles and architecture.

Her recent exhibition "Megastrukturer" presented weavings based on photographs of Danish architecture, interpreted and abstracted through processes inherent to weaving such as repetition, geometry, stripes, and pixelation. Slices of buildings are repeated across the cloth, creating impossible megastructures with forced perspective.

Both textiles and architecture are media that we live our lives in: one at the intimate scale of the body, and one at the monumental scale of rooms and towers. But we relate to architecture differently from textiles: the former might be intimidating, rational, visual, and the latter might be intimate, personal, tactile.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Housing Project (Bellahøj) II
Linen, cotton, and wool overshot dobby weaving
24-harness Toika Compu-Dobby loom