Liz Perry

Working within the boundaries of a shaft loom challenges me as both an intellectual as well as artistic exercise. Hand weaving is my response to the highly industrialised world surrounding us but to which many people don’t give a second thought. I enjoy the tactile processes of working with cloth, manifesting my thoughts, ideas and narratives through yarn, colour and structure.

This work is my response to the view I see regularly of an arboretum - a collection of trees and shrubs that are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes. The colours change depending on the season, and the shapes change with growth. The trees cannot grow randomly, they are evenly spaced in orderly rows and contained within their defined plots. But they nevertheless retain their individuality, forming their own communities despite human attempts to contain them.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Arboretum Seasons
Summer and winter weave, cotton/linen, silk
AVL 24 shaft computer dobby loom