Mariona Cañadas

The routines brings us throughout the same paths, but if we stop by, we can see kind of a light, a field, a sky, a mood, a thought, and they make every day different.

I travel, I leave my city for a while and I move to Fyn Island in Denmark. My new environment brings me to find new dynamics and actions. I start to run over the fields,I get closer to the landscape that surrounds me in a new way for me. In the evening, I repeat the same routine in same places and this becomes my new life.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Agost
Through the triple weaving technique, I create sequences with the different relationship of the colors of the Danish field; yellow, blue and white, and red as subject. I use cotton and linen.
I created this piece with a hand counter-march loom with six shafts and 16 treadles