Pedro Murua

My experience with nature is present in this piece.

I spent five months in the countryside of Denmark, working with handlooms. During this time, the need to get into the landscape arises. Watching the growth and process of the fields were important moments for every day. I enjoyed a vision of expansion, large fields that little by little changed colour; time was present in the land.

When harvest time came, the landscape changed radically, leaving the earth's cycle in view. Only traces of its expansion remained, rape branches that lay buried in a large piece of land.

It was always a good time to observe. Each morning, wetter than the next, the sun shone through the wet branches. Every second there was something growing or changing.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Observation, space and harvesting
Rapeseed branches collected and woven into a double weave of linen warp that alternates its colour from yellow to blue-grey, leaving a slight glaze. It shares colour areas woven in panama ligament.
Horizontal countermarch loom, four shaft and six treadles.