Monica Todd-Pokropek

Autumn Rhythm is one of a group of works exploring the colours of the Dartmoor landscape where I live. I have a long-held interest in painting and colour theory and since I discovered weaving, I have enjoyed investigating how I can use colour relationships and weave structures to express my ideas. In this work I have played with the way colours react to each other in a similar way to how Josef Albers explored colour in his series ‘Homage to the Square’. Each band of colour explores a different combination and although each of the six bands looks different, there are only four colours in total. I feel that this optical play relates to the way the eye takes in and then the brain remembers the colours in a landscape, so that an impression or haze of colour remains with the associated memory of a place and moment. This is what I have tried to express.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Autumn Rhythm
Handwoven with Shetland wool using tabby and twill combinations.
Kentish Loom by Douglas Andrew Ltd, Canterbury - 4 shaft hand loom