Lieslotte Wackenier

About six years ago I saw a woven acoustic panel hanging in an audio shop. My interest was immediately aroused. The panel itself was made by machine, but I was determined to try to make something like that by hand. A few weeks later I immediately registered for the training 'Hand weaving' at the CVO in Ghent. This training introduced us to a whole range of techniques and my passion for weaving only grew. Now that I have graduated, during my few spare moments, I try to get to what it was all about for me in the beginning: weaving my own acoustic panels. This work is the first panel I made.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Pine Trees
Lampas with clasped weft - white (thick) and black (thin) warp (cotton) / white and black weft (cotton)
Meta table loom - 16 shaft - second warpbeam used for the thin black warp