TextileArtist.org is a free online resource with two simple goals:

1. To inspire you to push the boundaries of textile techniques an d materials and ultimately bring your artistic vision to reality.  

Maybe you’re an experienced artist ? Or a student of textile art or design ? A hobbyist looking to take your work to the next level ?

You’ll go ‘behind the scenes’ with established practitioners who share their design and making processes with you. You’ll discover how to embrace a variety of influences without falling back on imitation.

2. To encourage you to develop your creative confidence, build a robust process and a regular practice, and nurture a positive and productive mindset.

Perhaps life is getting in the way and you’re struggling to find time to be creative…

Or you’re suffering from a bout of ‘artistic paralysis’ because your process is confused and you have no idea how to get started…

You’re not alone. Most creative people have battled with exactly the same issues and we’re here to help you tackle them head on.