Bonnie Inouye

I began weaving in 1967 and built my first looms. Now I create scarves, shawls, vests, and throws, designing each piece with weaving software. I use a 24-shaft, computer-assisted 48″ AVL loom in Paonia, Colorado and two 16-shaft AVL looms when in our mountain cabin in Gothic, CO. We spend all summer in our cabin.  Woven images, smoothly flowing lines, shaded curves, unusual textures and non-repeating designs characterize my work. I like to encourage other weavers to make their own drafts, helping through teaching, writing for magazines and a book on creating new drafts for looms with 8 and more shafts. My book, Exploring Multishaft Design, is like a workshop that you take at home, with 10 chapters and 128 pages, printed in 2000.