Kari Merete Paulsen


Things are not always as they appear at first glance. In my work, I reflect on how humans perceive and interpret their environment, based on previous experiences.

Tray is a part of the series of woven artwork I have made, which concerns Mental Health.

The topic is the collaboration between artists Knutsen, Paulsen & Hoem. (We have together worked on the topic and then created our own separate works.)

Knutsen, Paulsen and Hoem have had an artistic collaboration since 2006. We all work with different approaches in relation to the areas of existentialism and psychology. We are interested in the individual's encounter with himself and the world, and how this is influenced by past experiences. We want to highlight that there is only one objective truth but subjective versions of it, and want to focus on silence, taboos and attitudes toward mental health problems and disorders.