Anneke Kersten

(Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 1954) took her first weaving lessons at a college in Eugene US during a two-year stay in the early eighties. Nancy Hoskins was her teacher. Back in the Netherlands, she has further mastered herself in weaving techniques, her favorite is double weave. Erica de Ruiter was her Dutch teacher, who was taught by Kitty van der Mijll Dekker, who was student at the Bauhaus.
Anneke developed her textile art during three years at a course at the Textile Museum Tilburg. She has also taken the two-year master class of Weefnetwerk 'weaving special' and she lately participates in master classes.
The inspiration of Anneke is coming mainly from landscapes, themes and the Bauhaus. She likes to work with unusual materials, like copper wire and paper yarn. The use of colour is a striking feauture of her work. Exhibitions of Anneke's weavings show the versatility of weaving art. Anneke is also a weaving teacher.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : alaska
transparent double weave on 8 shafts, into which small self-painted art has been inserted; using copper wire in warp and weft with coloured paper yarn
Louët Kombo 8 shafts tableloom