Theo Rooden

Daily life seduces us to be busy. By doing less and slowing down you can experience more. You see better with attention and focus. This creates opportunities for dedication, craftsmanship and expertise. I am convinced that these are ingredients for a valuable society.

As a weaver I isolate myself and build my own universe based on my fascinations. Here it is all about patterns, formed from simple rules or algorithms. These rules and the limitations and possibilities of the loom put me on a path, my signature does the rest.

The fabrics grow slowly, and each step in the process is carefully performed. I like to share my universe with people; I show how I design and weave. In this way, traces of the origin become visible in the final woven piece.
My wall hangings and rugs are like mirrors. To remind you of what really matters.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Shadow of a Doubt
This wall hanging is a double weave in linen. The project Shadow of a Doubt is all about suggesting the illusion of depth.
Oxaback countermarch, eight shafts