McCrystle Wood and Melissa Lusk

have been weaving and designing woven cloth together for three years. We are convinced that there are possibilities for visual expression that have not been explored in weaving.

Our work explores the complexity of communication and understanding. The layering and folding of the visual form create hidden places where meaning and identity can be understood or obscured.

Weaving was always a cooperative craft sometimes literally passing the shuttle from women to women across the loom. It requires the shepardess, the carder to prepare the wool, the spinner, the dyer, and the weaver. Melissa and McCrystle have developed a way of working that is extremely supportive and joyful. We have vastly different ways of approaching problems which is our great strength.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Meander
Meander is a weft-faced cloth woven with wool and linen.
McCrystle Wood and Melissa Lusk weave on four shaft Harrisville rug looms. The structure is four-end block weave combined with the shaft switch technique developed by Peter Collingwood.