Sarah-May Johnson

Sarah-May Johnson creates carefully handcrafted woven artworks, from her home studio, in the UK. She is passionate about experimenting with the limits of the loom, to make new structures and create colourful, beautiful and intriguing art pieces that brighten areas from homes to public spaces. In many of her pieces coloured warp threads create interest in the form of floats, loops and even crossing over, or falling from the woven cloth, to create long fringes.

Johnson is often inspired by the natural world, expressing this through the colours, patterns and textures in her abstract pieces. This is evident in her latest series, based on the theme ‘Coal, Cotton, Canals’. This project also explores how humans have reshaped that natural world for their own benefit; redirecting waterways to form canals for transporting goods, planting fields of cotton to harvest for the production of fabric and mining coal to burn for fuel.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Footpaths and Faultlines
Crossing warp threads. Rayon chainette and cotton
Leclerc Voyageur Table Loom, 8 Shafts