Kadi Pajupuu & Marilyn Piirsalu

Kadi Pajupuu (1963) and Marilyn Piirsalu (1981) are artists who work together since 2010. For the work in this exhibition Kadi made the tie-up and Marilyn wove the two pieces with RailReed – the adjustable reed we are building and selling through railreed.ee. We are pushing the limits of weaving and we have been invited to give weaving courses with our inventive tools in Sweden, Netherlands, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania. It has been a great privilege to meet weavers in other countries thanks to RailReed.

Instagram: marilyn_weaving

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Flooded Forest
Flooded Forests consists of two black and white woven panels (each 60x190cm). Warp is cotton and weft is linen.
Flooded Forest is woven on countermarch loom, 6 shafts. The deformation of warp lines is achieved with RailReed (adjustable reed invented by Kadi Pajupuu).