ilse philips

I design exciting one of a kind handwoven pieces of art. My art places you in a visualised scene. It invites you to (self-)reflect. I try to capture my feelings in each art item. The philosophy behind my art is that there is a minimal waste of yarns. That’s why I use all kind of (left-over) materials. From plastic bags, strips of wire, headphone cables to leather left-overs. With these left-over materials it’s my goal to create unique designs to present to you a piece of art with a wow-factor. The used materials gives beautiful natural irregularities which can be found in every product. The patterns and yarns vary, to give every design its unique identity and character. Each item reflects my view on daily news matters.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Metamorphosis 3D block
8-shaft, visual 3D block effect in merino.
Traditional 16-shaft Ashford table loom