Pat Moloney

“We touch things to assure ourselves of reality. We touch the object of our loves. We touch the things we form. Our tactile experiences are elemental."

These words written by Anni Albers in1965, from her publication On Weaving,
explain my interest in the raw materials with which I work. That same year I began my career as a designer maker of woven textiles.
I continue to be inspired by the tactile and sensory nature of woven structures, my ideas respond to the natural and the man made world. I am an expert in observation, fascinated by minute details, textures and colours. Perception, memory and imagination constantly interact.

Hidden layers of Time was inspired by peeling paint on the fast disappearing fishing boats of the Aegean revealing their distinctive colours.

Pat Moloney lives and works in West London.

'Pushing the limits' artworks title : Hidden Layers of Time
Four pieces in a tile format using block weave to create one large piece, but with the potential to be used in a range of formats.
warp: cotton and rayon
weft: cotton and recycled sari yarn from Nepal
16 shaft handloom