Sheila O’Hara

Sheila O'Hara has pursued a career in weaving since her graduation from the California College of the Arts in Oakland 1976. She developed a unique quadruple warp twill weave structure technique using 16 shaft looms to create 100 large scale weavings where she captured her imaginary and often humorous landscapes.

Title : Telefun

The technique used for this artwork is similar to both Jacquard weaving and tapestry weaving yet it was woven on a shaft loom. The warp is designed similar to a Jacquard warp with multiple colors allowing the production of different color combinations.The individual Jacquard thread control is therefore replaced by successive shaft combination commands or shed changes for all the weave structure effects necessary to create the graphic design. The weft is selectively passed through only a section of the warp for just the individual area designated to produce a particular colored weave structure. As in the tapestry, a pick is in fact made up of several changes using colors to follow the graphic design. A pick will therefore consist of as many shed changes across the warp as there are weave structures produced to create the graphic.